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Grease Junkie

'Need For Tea' T-shirt

'Need For Tea' T-shirt

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'I Feel The Need... ...the Need For Tea'

Be the top gun of your squadron while hinting at regular tea breaks with this super-fly(boy) olive T-shirt with the 'Need For Tea' motif on the front and a tea ringed Workshop Diaries logo on the back.

Made from heavy-weight 'Ultra' quality 100% cotton.


Fibreglass polar bear with John Guest PolarClean beer chilling delivery system font. Font is chrome plated nickel.

Shipping & Returns

Collection by customer in the UK but delivery can be arranged (including international shipping) and will be charged separately.


Height 2000mm

Width 750mm

Depth 750mm

Weight 75Kg

Care Instructions

Wipe off beer spills with warm soapy water.

Don't drink too much beer.

Don't annoy the bear.

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